Wonderful Assisi

After some days in Rome it was time to head off to Assisi – probably my favorite place in Italy. It’s exactly what you imagine an old Italian town to be, with cute brick/stone houses, beautiful flowers everywhere, small shops and cafes and of course an amazing view. The whole atmosphere is just perfect! 

Of course we visited several churches, because Assisi is mostly famous for being the home for two big and well known saints: Santa Chiara (Clare) and San Francesco (Francis). 

The original San Damiano cross

In Assisi we had more free time to spend how we wished, which was really nice. We mostly ended up walking around town, going into small shops and cute cafés. Of course we also enjoyed all of the Italian specialties, if you know what I mean 😉 

I highly recommend for anyone who travels to central Italy to visit Assisi. It’s not a place that requires a lot of time and effort to get a sense for, a couple of days should be enough. You’ll be glad you came! 

Then the journey continued back to Rome – which you’ll get to read and see all about in the next post: Rome part II. Until then! 


Rome – Part I

On Monday it was time to travel to a destination I love – Italy! I’ll be spending 10 days here, switching between Rome and Assisi during that period. 

Here’s what I’ve been up to during the past 5 days:

First day was filled with travel and ended with a nice dinner at Cantina Belsiana and a visit to the Piazas di Spagna and the Spanish steps. 

The second day was mostly spent visiting many different churches, all incredible in their own unique way. Beautiful paintings on both the walls and the ceilings, with neither time nor creativity spared regarding decorations. In the evening we went to Al Picchio for dinner, where I had risotto con scampi. Then we walked past one of the most iconic places in Rome – Fontana di Trevi. 

Wednesday as well began exploring some of romes many churches. Then we made our way to the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. There we got to go on a guided tour under the church, to see all of the excavations that have been made. They were truly impressive, and it was nice to get some background information about the building of the biggest church in the world. Then we attended the consistory during which five bishops from around the world became cardinals, one of them being Sweden’s first cardinal ever – Anders Arborelius. 

Thursday was probably the most exciting day religiously wise. It began with taking part in a mass held by the Pope at St. Peter’s square, which was absolutely incredible! Then we had some free time, which we spent walking around Rome, visiting parks, more churches and shopping. Lastly we had dinner at a very nice restaurant with delicious food called Doveralù. I finally got to try some great Italian wine (Pinot Grigio, my second favorite sort of white wine) and some traditional Italian desserts!

Today we were off to the second destination of this trip, Assisi, my favorite “smaller” town in Italy. Experiences from this lovely place will be in an upcoming post! 

Active relaxation

Might sounds a bit contradictory, huh?

But no, that’s what I had the pleasure to enjoy a couple of days ago! My aunt’s cousin (Elena), her daughter (Agne), my aunt and I went on a day trip to Druskininkai: Lithuania’s (probably) most famous health resort. It’s a whole town filled with different health centres, spas and water parks. This was my second time here and I enjoyed every last minute of it!


We chose to go to a place which has several things in one place: water park, several spas, saunas, a restaurant etc. The water park had a couple of swimming pools, several water slides, an imitation of a river and a stormy sea, 20 different saunas, pool bars and I don’t even know how many hot tubs (both inside and outside).




Agne and I


Design theme: Tropical Island (with penguins :P)

So we started our day in the water park swimming, then we went over to the spa (which was in the same building complex) to get our procedures. Agne and I chose to get a 90 min Lyphatic Drainage Massage. First it was 60 min of massage with a specific technique, and then it was time for 30 min in a heated capsule, like a super intense sauna. And I can tell you, it was HOT! I’ve probably never sweated so much in my life hahhahah!!!





The day ended at home by celebrating my aunt’s birthday!


Back to the motherland

After Agnes’ birthday party yesterday it was time to head off for the annual summer vacay in Lithuania.




I had some time before my flight (better safe than sorry folks), so of course that was spent chilling in a cafe. This place had some really nice interior, which made the whole stay even nicer!



Beautiful motherland



Then today I was off to Marijampole and my dear aunt! I’ll be spending most of my time here,coming with fun things to do and just chilling. After all, what are vacations for if not relaxing and enjoying the sun!

Brunching ladies

“Ooops I did it again”

Nope, it’s not Britney b***h, it’s me – brunching away again! If you really love doing something, you’ve got to keep doing it, right? That’s my philosophy at least!

Here are some picks from our lovely, quite late, brunch:



Vegan Protein Bowl



Very missed friend


Brunch this time was going to be at Pom & Flora (Odengatan)! We went there around 13 (1PM) and it was pretty easy to get a table. I had such a hard time choosing what to have (everything could be substituted for soygurt or gluten free bread, so imagine the choices!), but I finally decided to go for a Vegan Protein Bowl – soygurt, banana, sesame seeds, hampa seeds, mix of crushed seeds, maple syrup, coconut flakes and Pom’s peanut butter. It was absolutely as delicious as it sounds, and really filling too! I also had a lactose free latte – gotta get that caffeine! Claudia chose the Rye bread sandwich with avocado, feta cheese cream and dukkah (hazel nuts, fennel, sesame seeds and sumac) and a regular black coffee.

It was so nice to catch up with Claudia, whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and to chat away while enjoying amazing food. Definitely coming back to Pom & Flora again!