A Lithuanian Christmas

Just a couple of days after landing back home in Sweden it was time to get back up in the air. As always, Christmas was gonna be spent in my beloved motherland – Lithuania!

This year it was a bit different, being only dad and I going and only for a week. It we had lots of fun anyways, and it was great to see all of our friends and family after such a long time!

Here are some of the things we did:

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my grandparents’ house with my uncle and his wife as well, celebrating it with excessive amounts of food and some various displays of beautiful Christmas lights.

Then the Lithuanian Christmas tour continued on to my aunt in Marijampolė, where we got some time to catch up and also do some exploring around town.

World’s most beautiful Christmas tree 2017Dad, auntie and I by the tree

My aunt came back with us to Vilnius to get to spend some more time with us before it was time to go back home. We went to see what’s been officially voted as the world’s most beautiful Christmas tree 2017. I was really impressed!! Especially looking up photos of what the tree looks like from above, it’s really something special!

We also went for a traditional Lithuanian lunch with my my mom’s and aunt’s cousin and her daughter Goda.

Although this trip wasn’t as long as it usually is and we were missing half the family members, it was exactly what I needed coming back from a semester abroad in California. It’s always so nice to come back there and meet up with everyone, I wish I could do it more often!!



I left my heart in San Francisco 

On the last weekend of October, 27th-29th, a whole bunch of us international students decided to go on a weekend trip to San Francisco. It was a point on my bucket list for this exchange semester, so I’m really happy I got to cross this amazing city off!

The day after arriving to San Francisco, our touristing began! First we went to the Painted Ladies, which is an idyllic street with some iconic San Francisco-ish houses, super cute! Then we walked around a bit, admiring the beautiful architecture and themes of different neighbourhoods. We also went to Fisherman’s Wharf which is basically a bay area with lots of shops, restaurants and boutiques. We also got to see some seals! We were all feeling pretty cold and exhausted, not having fully prepared for the chilly weather and all the walking, so we found another iconic thing – a trolley! We took that one back to our hotel and spent the night in a chill mode.


Leaving San Diego behind for the weekend


The Painted Ladies 





Incredible architectural theme throughout the city



Old fashioned trolley


Fishermans Wharf





Cute, but loud


Found my new favorite flavor – salted caramel blondie


Taking the iconic trolley


Happy and tired girls


Loved this Halloween prop


The second and last day was a bit foggy and cloudy, but we still managed to make the most of it! We started off the day with some great breakfast at Pat’s Café. It’s definitely one of the most colorful and fun places I’ve been for breakfast, that’s for sure! And of course, the food was delicious. We also went on the red bus that takes you around the city and went over to the Golden Gate Bridge and then walked back. Then we visited the Ferry Building Marketplace and the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, which were absolutely beautiful!


Cloudy/foggy day in San Francisco



Breakfast location



So delicious!






The iconic Golden Gate Bridge



Ferry Building Marketplace





The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps




Time to go home


Then suddenly it was time to go to the airport to catch our flight home. I loved every second of this weekend and I highly recommend to anyone who’s thinking about coming here to actually go through with it. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Until next time! xx


Day N Night Fest 2017

We bought tickets to Day N Night Fest 2017 probably just a couple of days after getting here, so we were definitely excited when the time for it finally came! The festival took place during 3 days, September 8th-10th. We got tickets for Friday and Saturday only, mostly because of the early classes on Monday and with the festival being in Anaheim (close to LA) it would’ve been a bit of a hustle to get back to San Marcos late on a Sunday evening, to say the least. Although we were a bit bummed about not seeing Sunday’s artists, we were still super excited about the ones we would experience on Friday and Saturday.


The lineup for the festival

Getting ready!!






Travis Scott


Travis Scott floating on a freaking bird above the stage

So the first day was absolutely CRAZY!!! We ended up seeing PNB Rock, Khalid and Travis Scott. I was insanely excited about seeing Khalid! I discovered him when he came out with his first single, but didn’t fully fall in love with his music until maybe 4-5 months ago when he released his first album. Experiencing my favorite songs live was absolutely incredible!!

But, I have to give the award for best performance to Travis Scott. He created the hands down best show/festival experience anyone could have asked for. Although the moshpits were at times a bit too much, his energy, the visuals – the whole composition of it all, was INSANE!!!



Second day – Post Malone

On Saturday, we saw a bit more artists than on Friday: SZA, Playboi Carti, Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert and Chance the Rapper. My favorites this day were Post Malone songwise, but Lil Uzi showwise. After the last performance we went out and didn’t come back until quite late, tired but very happy after a full day of amazing experiences!


Sunday we spent walking around and exploring two of the main beaches in LA. We started at the end of Venice beach and made our way up to Santa Monica Pier. It was a very nice and relaxing day!



Beautiful street art

Palm readings at the beach

Santa Monica Pier

Delicious lunch at Mariasol


Ending the day watching the sunset


LA weekend

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I went to LA for a weekend. It was all of our first time there, and we were so excited to explore the city! Of course, we didn’t have enough time to do EVERYTHING that we wanted to, but we weren’t to worried about that. We know we’ll go there many more times, it is after all only about 1,5 hours away!




One of my favorite things about LA is all of the street art. It’s not just some random graffiti, there’s an actual idea behind it!



Kyra, me and Hannah in the back, and Sophie and Winston in the front 😀



For lunch we went to Grand Central Market – which is like a huge indoor market but with restaurants





This ice cream was BOMB



Found this beautiful place walking around the city



Girlies! (And Winston the photographer)



Loved the architecture


After a bit of exploring and enjoying all of the different corners of LA, it was time to get down to business. Next stop – Walk of Fame!






Even found my own star ❤







All of you who know about my love for Tom Cruise – just imagine my reaction when I saw this guy 😛



The day ended by meeting some other friends for dinner at an Argentinian restaurant


The next day was started in a healthy fashion – with acai bowls for the people!






Still can’t get over how beautiful this place is!


Next place to check off the list was Beverly Hills!






Getting a bit hungry from all the exploring, we found this place – Beaming



Apparently Jessica Alba goes here



And I completely understand why – this smoothie was the most DELICIOUS one I’ve ever had!!!



Of course we had to go to DASH



A bit of successful shopping



1st time at In-n-Out

That weekend was so much fun!! I can’t wait to get back there ASAP!







Destination: Land of Dreams

Yesterday was the day.

The day I’ve been dreaming about since I was little, imagining what it would be like – what I would be like. And now that it’s finally here it’s hard to fathom.

Right now, I’m happily cosied up in my seat on my way by train to Oceanside. 

Now to the journey of getting here… It was great! Honestly, flying business, especially on longer, trans-continental flights like mine, is the only way to go. The chairs, the leg space, the entertainment, the overall comfort and service – definitely worth the extra little amount!

I started off my trip in the Menzies Lounge at Arlanda, reading, having some light lunch and just relaxing a bit before the flight. Then the flight ended up being delayed by around an hour, which was an it annoying, but I was so pumped about finally being on my way that it didn’t really matter to me. Getting to the gate though you have go through quite the security check, and I was of course called for an extra thorough one… 

But never mind that, once on the plane, everything went super smoothly. I proofread some of my sister’s book and watched two movies, Man of Steel and The Great Gatsby. LOVED the last one, so beautifully made! Food wise two meals were included, which was definitely enough for me. If anything, I would’ve preferred them to be a bit smaller in size and have 3 meals instead. But hey, I had the ability to choose a gluten-free menu, so I was happy! Then I also slept for a couple of hours and before I knew it we had already arrived at LAX!

The “light” snack before arrival

The city of angels

The security to get into the U.S. took a loooong time. The actual checking and talking to the officials didn’t take that long at all. But the queueing, yeez!! And it was so warm, no conditioning at all, standing up all the time, being stressed about having all the right documents etc., that was not fun. Thank god this was all happening BEFORE picking up one’s luggage! But everything went smoothly and there were no questions. Then, right before leaving the last security point with all of my bags and everything, the customs dog reacted to my bag. Well ****! So I had to go through yet another security point, during which they found nothing in the bag. I think that the dog reacted to the banana smell that was lingering around in my bag, although I had finished it already on the plane. But either way, after about 2+ hours after landing, I finally got to leave the airport! 

I had reserved a place in a shared shuttle in advance, and though there ended up being some problems with that (not on my half), I ended up arriving safely to my hotel in downtown LA. It was quite warm and the humidity definitely added a stuffed kind of feeling to the air. But I had the best company on my way there as well, everyone was so nice and helpful. I spent the night there before continuing my travels today (23rd) to San Marcos.

So now I’m just gonna relax, read a bit and enjoy the views of (at the moment not so sunny) California. 

Expect more frequent updates from me from now on and I hope that you’ll find it interesting!