Counting the days

… And currently I’m at 11 days to go. Say whaaat??!!

All of the final things are falling into place. Since the last update a couple of weeks ago, I’ve received my visa, gotten the subletting of my dorm approved, the Learning Agreement has finally been signed and received (only took like a month, ugh), received my CSN scholarship + loan.

Also, thank God for my nurse at the vaccine place. She told me about a special form of Meningitis, which is spread by air and is a super serious inflammation of the brain that can kill you in a couple of hours if you don’t receive the necessary care or have taken a shot for it. If you survive, you usually end up losing a limb or two. Yikes! So I was most certainly grateful for her recommendation and took that vaccine. Phew!

But on to more fun things! I’ve started planning with my roomates about how we’re gonna decorate our living area. I love interior design and decorating, so this is sooo much fun for me! I’m not entirely sure about our vision for the bedroom when it comes to colors etc., but we’ve decided on going for blue, white and gold for the bathroom. It’s gonna look so nice! So below you can find some things that I would love to incorporate both into the private and the common areas of our living space πŸ™‚

Home Decor


Duvet, Mug, Mirror, Rug, Pillows (1, 2, 3), Paintings, Vase, Candleholder, Frame, Towel, Bathroom set (mug, jar, soap pump)



What summer is all about

I hope you’ve all been well and enjoying summer to the fullest! Because summer is supposed to be enjoyed, no matter the weather. So here are some of the ways in which I’ve been enjoying summer life recently!

Going out with friends

A day with mom visiting Vaxholm and its fortress

Brunching and hanging out with this gorgeous lady

Game night

Catching up with dear old friends and enjoying some amazing Italian food

Spending time in nature

Now I know I haven’t exactly been the best with updating recently, but there’ll be a change about that once the exchange semester comes around. Until then, you’ll just have to hang in there and enjoy whatever is happening before then! Xx

Bikini love

 Hi everyone!

Since my traveling to the wonderful, sunny and warm California is getting closer and closer with each day that goes by, I’ve recently started looking at what kind of stuff I might need to get before heading off to this new adventure. 

One of the things on the top of my list has been a bikini/bathing suit. I definitely have quite a lot of beach/pool time ahead of me, and feeling and looking great during that time is an absolute must for me!

So now I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite beachwear brands Elsa and Rose! They have the prettiest bikinis and bathing suits. And guess what?  We’re now offering 15% OFF on any of their bikinis from! Just use the code ‘RUTAMOZURAITYTE15‘ at checkout to get your discount. 

Check out my favorite picks below and ENJOY!!! 











Active relaxation

Might sounds a bit contradictory, huh?

But no, that’s what I had the pleasure to enjoy a couple of days ago! My aunt’s cousin (Elena), her daughter (Agne), my aunt and I went on a day trip to Druskininkai: Lithuania’s (probably) most famous health resort. It’s a whole town filled with different health centres, spas and water parks. This was my second time here and I enjoyed every last minute of it!


We chose to go to a place which has several things in one place: water park, several spas, saunas, a restaurant etc. The water park had a couple of swimming pools, several water slides, an imitation of a river and a stormy sea, 20 different saunas, pool bars and I don’t even know how many hot tubs (both inside and outside).




Agne and I


Design theme: Tropical Island (with penguins :P)

So we started our day in the water park swimming, then we went over to the spa (which was in the same building complex) to get our procedures. Agne and I chose to get a 90 min Lyphatic Drainage Massage. First it was 60 min of massage with a specific technique, and then it was time for 30 min in a heated capsule, like a super intense sauna. And I can tell you, it was HOT! I’ve probably never sweated so much in my life hahhahah!!!





The day ended at home by celebrating my aunt’s birthday!


Back to the motherland

After Agnes’ birthday party yesterday it was time to head off for the annual summer vacay in Lithuania.




I had some time before my flight (better safe than sorry folks), so of course that was spent chilling in a cafe. This place had some really nice interior, which made the whole stay even nicer!



Beautiful motherland



Then today I was off to Marijampole and my dear aunt! I’ll be spending most of my time here,coming with fun things to do and just chilling. After all, what are vacations for if not relaxing and enjoying the sun!