Fashion Week San Diego 

Last week – from Thursday to Sunday – it was time for Fashion Week San Diego! Finally the time I’d waited for ever since I first contacted them in May had come: I was about to volunteer during a couple of fashion filled days. And these days were really days of my dreams!


Schedule for the first two days



And for the last two days



The photowall behind all of the amazing guests of the night



Making sure to get our shot before the guests arrive – with Emily!



The beautiful location for FWSD Art & Beauty Night



Hardworking girls!



Models about to enter the scene

So the first night – Thursday – was dedicated to all of the “extra” things that compliement and enhance the runway experience, namely all of the work that goes into the beauty and hair! The looks this night were truly incredible, too bad I couldn’t get that many pictures. I was at work after all, not a guest!




Location of the main two days; The Broadway Pier in Downtown San Diego





Picture time with Marusya



Models backstage in hair and makeup



Show time!

Friday was the first of the two days filled with fashion shows from 10 amazing designers. The day started at 9.30AM and ended around 11.00PM – and I loved every second of it! Although I was exhausted at the end of it, I didn’t feel anything until I hit my bed. The day began with us transforming an undistinctive seaport-like location into an impressive venue suitable for a fashion week. It did take a lot of work from a lot of people, but the result was incredible! The shows started around 6PM and I got to the highpoint of my work – being in front of house and greeting all of the fashionable ladies and gentlemen coming to be entertained and inspired for the night. I loved my position, having the opportunity to be the first impression people get when arriving!




This year also marked the 10th anniversary of FWSD!





Some of the incredible crew of FWSD



Super cute and pretty setup by one of the collaborators inside the venue



Let the second night begin!

Saturday started a bit later, around 10.30AM and ended around 12.30AM (middle of the night). But of course it didn’t end there, because we haf an afterparty to get to! However, first we haf the day of Saturday, where most of the day was once again spent setting up all the final decorations and other preparations that needed to be done. And then the doors opened again at 6PM and it was showtime! I had the same position as yesterday, which I was really happy about! This night we got to see another 10 incredible designers and their magnificent creations, ending the night with BAZA Couture! After the shows were over, it was cleaning time, which took us about 2-3 hours, because we needed to get everything down and out and leave the location basically exactly as we found it. But then, it was party time!




Trunk show at the Hotel Del Coronado



Award time!



Best B winning an award for best backstage volunteer ❤



Ordered some great stuff from the beautiful ladies behind I Am Sublime



Caught on camera checking out the good stuff



Absolutely gorgeous!



Tiaras for days



If I ever had a red carpet event, I’d wear that… How beautiful?! ❤




The masterminds behind FWSD: Samantha DeWarf and Allison Andrews – such inspiring women!

Sunday was entirely for enjoying and man did we do just that! We got to the annual Trunk Show around 12 and walked around admiring all of the incredible stuff we’d seen glimpses of from the runway the past couple of days. I fell in love with one of the designer’s jumpsuits, so I ordered one. Ooops! No but I can’t wait to get it so that I can show you guys, it’s perfect for fall and in some of my absolute favorite colors! There was also an award ceremony where different kinds of awards were given out. My new bestie B got the award for best backstage volunteer, which I’m so happy that he got because he definitely deserved it the most!

After it all ended I was feeling really sad, but also increedibly grateful for having gotten the opportunity to be part of this creative madness that is fashion week. I’m so happy I got to learn from some of the best and I hope to do more things like this in the future!

Until next time! xx


Day N Night Fest 2017

We bought tickets to Day N Night Fest 2017 probably just a couple of days after getting here, so we were definitely excited when the time for it finally came! The festival took place during 3 days, September 8th-10th. We got tickets for Friday and Saturday only, mostly because of the early classes on Monday and with the festival being in Anaheim (close to LA) it would’ve been a bit of a hustle to get back to San Marcos late on a Sunday evening, to say the least. Although we were a bit bummed about not seeing Sunday’s artists, we were still super excited about the ones we would experience on Friday and Saturday.


The lineup for the festival

Getting ready!!






Travis Scott


Travis Scott floating on a freaking bird above the stage

So the first day was absolutely CRAZY!!! We ended up seeing PNB Rock, Khalid and Travis Scott. I was insanely excited about seeing Khalid! I discovered him when he came out with his first single, but didn’t fully fall in love with his music until maybe 4-5 months ago when he released his first album. Experiencing my favorite songs live was absolutely incredible!!

But, I have to give the award for best performance to Travis Scott. He created the hands down best show/festival experience anyone could have asked for. Although the moshpits were at times a bit too much, his energy, the visuals – the whole composition of it all, was INSANE!!!



Second day – Post Malone

On Saturday, we saw a bit more artists than on Friday: SZA, Playboi Carti, Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert and Chance the Rapper. My favorites this day were Post Malone songwise, but Lil Uzi showwise. After the last performance we went out and didn’t come back until quite late, tired but very happy after a full day of amazing experiences!


Sunday we spent walking around and exploring two of the main beaches in LA. We started at the end of Venice beach and made our way up to Santa Monica Pier. It was a very nice and relaxing day!



Beautiful street art

Palm readings at the beach

Santa Monica Pier

Delicious lunch at Mariasol


Ending the day watching the sunset

LA weekend

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I went to LA for a weekend. It was all of our first time there, and we were so excited to explore the city! Of course, we didn’t have enough time to do EVERYTHING that we wanted to, but we weren’t to worried about that. We know we’ll go there many more times, it is after all only about 1,5 hours away!




One of my favorite things about LA is all of the street art. It’s not just some random graffiti, there’s an actual idea behind it!



Kyra, me and Hannah in the back, and Sophie and Winston in the front 😀



For lunch we went to Grand Central Market – which is like a huge indoor market but with restaurants





This ice cream was BOMB



Found this beautiful place walking around the city



Girlies! (And Winston the photographer)



Loved the architecture


After a bit of exploring and enjoying all of the different corners of LA, it was time to get down to business. Next stop – Walk of Fame!






Even found my own star ❤







All of you who know about my love for Tom Cruise – just imagine my reaction when I saw this guy 😛



The day ended by meeting some other friends for dinner at an Argentinian restaurant


The next day was started in a healthy fashion – with acai bowls for the people!






Still can’t get over how beautiful this place is!


Next place to check off the list was Beverly Hills!






Getting a bit hungry from all the exploring, we found this place – Beaming



Apparently Jessica Alba goes here



And I completely understand why – this smoothie was the most DELICIOUS one I’ve ever had!!!



Of course we had to go to DASH



A bit of successful shopping



1st time at In-n-Out

That weekend was so much fun!! I can’t wait to get back there ASAP!






First weeks of school

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long break since my last post, the past couple of weeks have been filled to the brim with action, which I will tell you all about.

This is what the past couple of weeks have been like:

The main “entrance” of the school campus

The first two weeks were INSANELY hot, with between 34 and 38 degrees C every day!


Got tickets to a toga party for all of the main universities in Cali, so excited about that! 


Had some Taco Tuesday for the first time


Received some gorgeous clothes for the month from Le Tote. Absolutely LOVE their service!


Spent time with friends


Probably my favorite class this semester: Marketing Communication


Getting some crazy delicious cinnamon buns doesn’t exactly make school worse!


Enjoyed some insanely beautiful sunsets

My favorite sunset photo so far


As you might have noticed, I didn’t even mention anything about what I’ve been up to during the weekends. Well that’s because they both deserve posts of their own! So stay tuned for those in the upcoming days! xx

First days here

I cannot believe I’ve already been here for almost a week, it’s crazy!

Time goes by so fast, even though it also feels like so much has already happened.

So I arrived to San Marcos around 1:30PM (13:30) and walked straight to the reception/help desk at University Village Apartments (UVA) to register my arrival and pick up the keys. Everyone was really kind and helpful, which was super nice after such long travels!

The content of my “Welcome Home” package

That afternoon I basically spent settling in and going to the grocery store to get food and supplies, because the apartment was completely empty when I got there. One other girl had already moved in, because she’s a transfer student, but the rest of them were not moving in until Friday (in 2 days at the time).

Managed to set up a pretty cosy bed after a trip to Target

The next day I walked around campus, exploring the area nearby and preparing for Friday’s “Exchange Student Orientation”. The orientation was basically a longer informative meeting during which we got to know other exchange students and also some regular current ones. I met some really nice girls from the U.K. and Germany!

FullSizeRender (18)


On Saturday we decided to go explore Oceanside, which is an area right by the beach. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and exactly swim-friendly, so we ended up walking around the area and dipping our feet in the sea together with some guys we met there. If it hadn’t been for the cloudy weather, the afternoon would’ve been even better. But we managed to have a nice time anyways!



It really is true – portion sizes in America are HUGE


Found the beach house of my dreams (navy) on a super cute street in Oceanside


In the evening the girls and I went to a party

On Sunday there was a BBQ/Pool party at the UVA, where we could chill in the sun, meet some new people and enjoy some great music!

Then in the evening we went to “Dive-In Movie Nite”, where they showed Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and where we met even more new people.


So that’s about all that I was up to before school started on Monday. It was a perfect balance between chilling and exploring and hanging out with friends.

Now it’s time to get serious, because you get quite a lot of homework compared to back in Sweden, and even the smallest things matter. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be all focused on schoolwork, no no no! If you manage your schedule efficiently, there’s always time for fun. So that’s what I intend to do, for sure! For example, during Labor Day weekend (this upcoming one), we have tons of plans, some of which include a bit of traveling!

So stay tuned for some more updates about what everyday exchange student life looks like in beautiful and sunny California! xx