Counting the days

… And currently I’m at 11 days to go. Say whaaat??!!

All of the final things are falling into place. Since the last update a couple of weeks ago, I’ve received my visa, gotten the subletting of my dorm approved, the Learning Agreement has finally been signed and received (only took like a month, ugh), received my CSN scholarship + loan.

Also, thank God for my nurse at the vaccine place. She told me about a special form of Meningitis, which is spread by air and is a super serious inflammation of the brain that can kill you in a couple of hours if you don’t receive the necessary care or have taken a shot for it. If you survive, you usually end up losing a limb or two. Yikes! So I was most certainly grateful for her recommendation and took that vaccine. Phew!

But on to more fun things! I’ve started planning with my roomates about how we’re gonna decorate our living area. I love interior design and decorating, so this is sooo much fun for me! I’m not entirely sure about our vision for the bedroom when it comes to colors etc., but we’ve decided on going for blue, white and gold for the bathroom. It’s gonna look so nice! So below you can find some things that I would love to incorporate both into the private and the common areas of our living space 🙂

Home Decor


Duvet, Mug, Mirror, Rug, Pillows (1, 2, 3), Paintings, Vase, Candleholder, Frame, Towel, Bathroom set (mug, jar, soap pump)



31 days to go

And it feels insane!!!

In exactly one month, on the 22nd of August, I’ll be leaving what’s been my home for the past 15 years and head towards new great adventures. I can’t wait, it feels absolutely surreal!!!

While in the U.S., I’ll be staying at a place called University Village Apartments (UVA). It consists of buildings with differently planned apartments. The last photo  of the floorplan is what my living situation will look like. I’ll be sharing a double bedroom with one other girl, and we’ll be a total of six girls in the apartment. I already know whom I’m going to be living with, and they all seem like incredibly fun, social and outgoing girls. I can’t wait to meet them and get to know them better!





Source for all pictures

Otherwise, everything’s been going great! I’ve found someone to rent out my dormroom to, my visa is on it’s way, I’ve figured out how I’m gonna get around once I land in LA – so life is good! What’s left to do for me right now is to sign the Learning Agreement (which has been taken forever to get done because of all swedes disappearing as soon as July starts), get some vaccines sorted out, and start packing up my stuff! I’ll be staying at my parents’ during the last couple of weeks because of my new tenant. But that’s definitely not a problem, especially since I’ll be getting a straight ride to the airport once it’s time to leave!

I’m super duper excited and I just can’t wait for whatever is in store for me on the other side of the Atlantic!

The process so far…

…regarding the exchange has been pretty good! I have received confirmation of my acceptance to study at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). I have also officially registered to the courses that I want to take. This is what they ended up being and what my schedule for next semester will look like:

Class schedule.PNG

Also, I have now applied to university provided housing. Hopefully I’ll get accepted and be able to live on campus – keep your fingers crossed for me! I applied for housing in one of their two “areas”, called the UVA. Here are the room options that they have:

Floor plan.PNG

Unfortunately many of them were fully booked already, but hopefully they’ll find something for me! Otherwise I’ll have to organize the housing situation myself, which is what I planned to do it the first place, so the university housing option is really just a bonus.


Either way, International Business Week is starting next week and I’m so excited!!! Looking at the schedule and all the fun and inspiring activities that we have planned, it sure will be amazing. Let’s just hope the weather will be on our side as well hahah! So expect some more updates about that!

Future Adventures




The CSUSM mascot is a cougar


Rich athletic life


Such a cutie



The courses I’ve chosen


A super exciting time is waiting for me after summer break. I’ll be spending the fall semester in sunny California! It all really feels like a dream; I still have a difficulty realizing that it will actually happen…

One month ago I was accepted to California State University – San Marcos. I’ll be going as an exchange student from Stockholm Business School, representing SBS and getting a true international experience at the same time. I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’m sure that whatever my life will look like during that time, it will be absolutely amazing!

The upcoming exchange semester is one of the reasons I chose to start this blog. When going through the process of looking through all of the schools and deciding where I wanted to spend my 5th semester, I was surprised that there was no one writing about their experience of the whole process (both before, during and after their exchange). Therefore I’m hoping that this blog and its content will give some clarity and inspiration to other students thinking of going on an exchange in the future.

This blog will however not only be about my exchange. It will also include other aspects of my life, such as other travel experiences, everyday life, my interests and other fun things.

I hope you choose to follow me on my incredible journey and that it will be of use (and fun!) to you.

See you soon! xx

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