A Lithuanian Christmas

Just a couple of days after landing back home in Sweden it was time to get back up in the air. As always, Christmas was gonna be spent in my beloved motherland – Lithuania!

This year it was a bit different, being only dad and I going and only for a week. It we had lots of fun anyways, and it was great to see all of our friends and family after such a long time!

Here are some of the things we did:

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my grandparents’ house with my uncle and his wife as well, celebrating it with excessive amounts of food and some various displays of beautiful Christmas lights.

Then the Lithuanian Christmas tour continued on to my aunt in Marijampolė, where we got some time to catch up and also do some exploring around town.

World’s most beautiful Christmas tree 2017Dad, auntie and I by the tree

My aunt came back with us to Vilnius to get to spend some more time with us before it was time to go back home. We went to see what’s been officially voted as the world’s most beautiful Christmas tree 2017. I was really impressed!! Especially looking up photos of what the tree looks like from above, it’s really something special!

We also went for a traditional Lithuanian lunch with my my mom’s and aunt’s cousin and her daughter Goda.

Although this trip wasn’t as long as it usually is and we were missing half the family members, it was exactly what I needed coming back from a semester abroad in California. It’s always so nice to come back there and meet up with everyone, I wish I could do it more often!!



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