First days here

I cannot believe I’ve already been here for almost a week, it’s crazy!

Time goes by so fast, even though it also feels like so much has already happened.

So I arrived to San Marcos around 1:30PM (13:30) and walked straight to the reception/help desk at University Village Apartments (UVA) to register my arrival and pick up the keys. Everyone was really kind and helpful, which was super nice after such long travels!

The content of my “Welcome Home” package

That afternoon I basically spent settling in and going to the grocery store to get food and supplies, because the apartment was completely empty when I got there. One other girl had already moved in, because she’s a transfer student, but the rest of them were not moving in until Friday (in 2 days at the time).

Managed to set up a pretty cosy bed after a trip to Target

The next day I walked around campus, exploring the area nearby and preparing for Friday’s “Exchange Student Orientation”. The orientation was basically a longer informative meeting during which we got to know other exchange students and also some regular current ones. I met some really nice girls from the U.K. and Germany!

FullSizeRender (18)


On Saturday we decided to go explore Oceanside, which is an area right by the beach. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and exactly swim-friendly, so we ended up walking around the area and dipping our feet in the sea together with some guys we met there. If it hadn’t been for the cloudy weather, the afternoon would’ve been even better. But we managed to have a nice time anyways!



It really is true – portion sizes in America are HUGE


Found the beach house of my dreams (navy) on a super cute street in Oceanside


In the evening the girls and I went to a party

On Sunday there was a BBQ/Pool party at the UVA, where we could chill in the sun, meet some new people and enjoy some great music!

Then in the evening we went to “Dive-In Movie Nite”, where they showed Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and where we met even more new people.


So that’s about all that I was up to before school started on Monday. It was a perfect balance between chilling and exploring and hanging out with friends.

Now it’s time to get serious, because you get quite a lot of homework compared to back in Sweden, and even the smallest things matter. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be all focused on schoolwork, no no no! If you manage your schedule efficiently, there’s always time for fun. So that’s what I intend to do, for sure! For example, during Labor Day weekend (this upcoming one), we have tons of plans, some of which include a bit of traveling!

So stay tuned for some more updates about what everyday exchange student life looks like in beautiful and sunny California! xx


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