Rome – Part II

After some great relaxing days in Assisi, it was about time to head back to Rome for a final few days before going home to Stockholm!

So what did we do during these last days in Rome? Well surprise surprise, we visited some more absolutely stunning churches!

We got to visit the Catacomb of Priscilla, which contain some of the earliest known Marian paintings, dating back to the early 3rd century. It’s also 13 km long! This place was really something special.

We also spend quite a lot of time just walking around Rome and enjoying its scenes. Something I’m really missing about it is the ancient beauty of the city.

During one of the final evenings, my sister and I decided to divert from the group’s plans and go and have dinner at our favorite restaurant in Rome, Doveralù. Although we loved the group we were traveling with and we had a lot of fun, we both felt like we needed some alone/sister time, so off we went!

What other way to start a nice dinner than with drinks? Mine was a fresh apple/mint drink, while Milda’s drink was more fruity and exotic.

We really weren’t that original that evening and apart from the drinks in the beggining we ended up ordering the exactly same foods 😛 Their Carbonara was absolutely delicious!

And what more traditional could you order for dessert than Tiramisu?

So that was basically all from our trip to Italy! I loved going back to some of the places I’ve been to before, as well as having some new exiting discoveries and experiences. Can’t wait to my next travel plans!

See you soon! x


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