Wonderful Assisi

After some days in Rome it was time to head off to Assisi – probably my favorite place in Italy. It’s exactly what you imagine an old Italian town to be, with cute brick/stone houses, beautiful flowers everywhere, small shops and cafes and of course an amazing view. The whole atmosphere is just perfect! 

Of course we visited several churches, because Assisi is mostly famous for being the home for two big and well known saints: Santa Chiara (Clare) and San Francesco (Francis). 

The original San Damiano cross

In Assisi we had more free time to spend how we wished, which was really nice. We mostly ended up walking around town, going into small shops and cute cafés. Of course we also enjoyed all of the Italian specialties, if you know what I mean 😉 

I highly recommend for anyone who travels to central Italy to visit Assisi. It’s not a place that requires a lot of time and effort to get a sense for, a couple of days should be enough. You’ll be glad you came! 

Then the journey continued back to Rome – which you’ll get to read and see all about in the next post: Rome part II. Until then! 


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