Rome – Part I

On Monday it was time to travel to a destination I love – Italy! I’ll be spending 10 days here, switching between Rome and Assisi during that period. 

Here’s what I’ve been up to during the past 5 days:

First day was filled with travel and ended with a nice dinner at Cantina Belsiana and a visit to the Piazas di Spagna and the Spanish steps. 

The second day was mostly spent visiting many different churches, all incredible in their own unique way. Beautiful paintings on both the walls and the ceilings, with neither time nor creativity spared regarding decorations. In the evening we went to Al Picchio for dinner, where I had risotto con scampi. Then we walked past one of the most iconic places in Rome – Fontana di Trevi. 

Wednesday as well began exploring some of romes many churches. Then we made our way to the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. There we got to go on a guided tour under the church, to see all of the excavations that have been made. They were truly impressive, and it was nice to get some background information about the building of the biggest church in the world. Then we attended the consistory during which five bishops from around the world became cardinals, one of them being Sweden’s first cardinal ever – Anders Arborelius. 

Thursday was probably the most exciting day religiously wise. It began with taking part in a mass held by the Pope at St. Peter’s square, which was absolutely incredible! Then we had some free time, which we spent walking around Rome, visiting parks, more churches and shopping. Lastly we had dinner at a very nice restaurant with delicious food called Doveralù. I finally got to try some great Italian wine (Pinot Grigio, my second favorite sort of white wine) and some traditional Italian desserts!

Today we were off to the second destination of this trip, Assisi, my favorite “smaller” town in Italy. Experiences from this lovely place will be in an upcoming post! 


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