Active relaxation

Might sounds a bit contradictory, huh?

But no, that’s what I had the pleasure to enjoy a couple of days ago! My aunt’s cousin (Elena), her daughter (Agne), my aunt and I went on a day trip to Druskininkai: Lithuania’s (probably) most famous health resort. It’s a whole town filled with different health centres, spas and water parks. This was my second time here and I enjoyed every last minute of it!


We chose to go to a place which has several things in one place: water park, several spas, saunas, a restaurant etc. The water park had a couple of swimming pools, several water slides, an imitation of a river and a stormy sea, 20 different saunas, pool bars and I don’t even know how many hot tubs (both inside and outside).




Agne and I


Design theme: Tropical Island (with penguins :P)

So we started our day in the water park swimming, then we went over to the spa (which was in the same building complex) to get our procedures. Agne and I chose to get a 90 min Lyphatic Drainage Massage. First it was 60 min of massage with a specific technique, and then it was time for 30 min in a heated capsule, like a super intense sauna. And I can tell you, it was HOT! I’ve probably never sweated so much in my life hahhahah!!!





The day ended at home by celebrating my aunt’s birthday!



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