Brunching ladies

“Ooops I did it again”

Nope, it’s not Britney b***h, it’s me – brunching away again! If you really love doing something, you’ve got to keep doing it, right? That’s my philosophy at least!

Here are some picks from our lovely, quite late, brunch:



Vegan Protein Bowl



Very missed friend


Brunch this time was going to be at Pom & Flora (Odengatan)! We went there around 13 (1PM) and it was pretty easy to get a table. I had such a hard time choosing what to have (everything could be substituted for soygurt or gluten free bread, so imagine the choices!), but I finally decided to go for a Vegan Protein Bowl – soygurt, banana, sesame seeds, hampa seeds, mix of crushed seeds, maple syrup, coconut flakes and Pom’s peanut butter. It was absolutely as delicious as it sounds, and really filling too! I also had a lactose free latte – gotta get that caffeine! Claudia chose the Rye bread sandwich with avocado, feta cheese cream and dukkah (hazel nuts, fennel, sesame seeds and sumac) and a regular black coffee.

It was so nice to catch up with Claudia, whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and to chat away while enjoying amazing food. Definitely coming back to Pom & Flora again!


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