Music lover

What has been getting me through this crazy work week, and is an essential part of any and every day for me, is music. I listen to it all the time; when going somewhere, working out, reading, cooking, cleaning, you name it!

And you know how people say that there are two types of people in the world: those with very few playlists that contain a LOT of songs and those who have many playlists for every mood/occasion. I’m definitely belonging to the last mentioned group hahahah


I have a playlist for every possible occasion: a party playlist, a chill out playlist, a playlist perfect for roadtrips, a Christmas playlist, the list goes on! My by far biggest playlist is “Get Ready to Party”.

Another playlist that I listen to frequently is “Chill S/S Edition”:

I also make a new playlist each month for the songs that I want to listen to during that time, and those playlists contain more contemporary songs, while the others are more “timeless”. This is my current – “June” – playlist, mixing new songs with a bit of other goodies from older June playlists:

If you like what you hear, don’t hesitate to follow them or my account overall, for the quickest updates and new musical discoveries!


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