A wonderful day




Bestie and sissie


“Can’t take my eyes off you”


Delicious choices



P1000016On Saturday (right on the day before my final exam heheh) Agnes, Milda and I decided it was about time we got some brunch in us. None of us had yet been to Greasy Spoon, so off we went! And boy do we not regret our choice! I loved the place!!! The whole place was so nice, the food absolutely incredible and the staff’s uniforms were too cute! The best thing with Greasy Spoon, apart from the deliciousness of their food of course, was that their menu was adapted to all kinds of people: vegetarians, vegans, lactose- and gluten intolerants, anything you could ever be. That’s something that I find is very underestimated by many restaurants, so whenever a place takes things like this into account it automatically gains extra points in my book!


Agnes going first


4th piercing – helix

Then Agnes and I were off to Total Hälsa (beauty/dermatology salon) in Östermalm for some additions to our piercing families. For me it was my 4th one, I think for Agnes it might have been her 6th (?). I’ve only gone to specialist places whenever I’ve gotten any piercings, and I suggest everyone to do the same. You can never fully trust tattoo parlors or hair dressers, but actually trained people at a place like Total Hälsa – for sure!



Then I went to the library to study, I had my final exam the day after (Sunday), so I couldn’t ignore that fact no matter how much I wanted to. But I’d say I’d done a pretty decent job during the day so far hahah

In the evening it was time for Bojan’s 12-hour party and last Bojan party of the semester. So Agnes, Juuli, Inka, her friend Oona and I decided to go there somewhat earlier than usual, both to avoid the insane queue and to enjoy the beautiful and warm weather. And thank God we did, because as we were told later by some of our friends, people were standing in the queue for hours before they got in! So yeah, we had a lot of fun just hanging out, chilling and dancing. Man will I miss my friends and nights like this when I go abroad!


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