IB Week 2017

8th-12th of May it was time. After more than 6 months of planning it was finally time for IB Week 2017!
The purpose of IB Week, which is short for International Business Week, was to be a networking platform for local and international students and Swedish businesses. The participants consisted of 20 local and 20 international students, the international students coming from Stockholm Business School’s partner universities from around the world. This was our schedule for the week:


As you can see we had a week full of fun and interesting activities planned! Of course during the week some things chnaged a bit, but this was pretty much what the week looked liked. Monday to Wednesday we were collaborating with another project called International Teaching Week, which was organized by th Office of International Affairs (OIA) at Stockholm Business School. All of our students loved the lectures and found them really informative and inspiring, so it was a great success!

Here are some pictures from the week:

(Photos removed until further notice)


Dinner at Soft Kök & Bar



Company visit at Mannheimer Swartling


I managed to get really super sick during Tuesday, so I had to miss out on the rest of the week. Words cannot describe how sad I was about it!!! The saddest part to miss was the traditional “sittning” (kind of like a fancy dinner):

(Photos removed until further notice)


Because of our amazing project team and the incredible work we had all done leading up to this week, everything passed with flying colors and I could not have been more happy or proud of what we accomplished!

Once the week was over and all the fun we had ended, we (project group) gathered once again for a goodbye/kick out BBQ. We had such luck with the weather and were able to enjoy the outdoors and some good food.


I would like to thank everyone who somehow participated in the planning and execution of this week! I would like to thank our sponsors for the week: Sushirullen, Red Bull and Gainomax for the delicious contributions. I would also like to thank Sana, Patricia (Chairs of International Committee) and Pablo (Head of International Affairs at Föreningen Ekonomerna) for their help and guidance in times of need!

But most of all, I would like thank the absolutely incredible and brilliant team that I had the opportunity to work with to make IB Week 2017 the success it was! So thank you to Nadine and Julia – our business managers, to Alexa and Karl – student coordinators, Anastasia – marketing manager, Diana – sponsorship manager and Matilda – event manager. And last but not least, my fellow project manager and my rock during this project – Alexander! Thank you for this incredible experience and I’m so happy to have gotten to know you all better. I love you guys!



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