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I LOVE getting packages


Beauty goodies from Biotherm

18623038_1463902866965278_798727852_n (1)

Classic grey t-shirt from IvyRevel



Perfect summer tee from Aéryne


Shirt/blouse from NA-KD


Lovely earrings from NA-KD


Book from Adlibris


Vintage weekend/travel bag from Céline

Time has gone by so fast, can’t believe it’s already end of May! Like what???

I had managed to stock up on some nice packages, so opening them all at once seemed like a nice idea. I’ve been looking forward to receiving them for so long, but sickness had me pausing my life for about a week. But oh how happy I am now, healthy and checking out all of this amazingness! Yaaaassss!!!

Biotherm has been my go to-brand when it comes to skin care for about a year now. I was constantly trying out new brands and concepts, but I finally found what works for my skin! I have to admit, I decided to try it out because my favorite Candice Swanepoel was/is the brand ambassador for them. And man I’m happy that I did! Now I can’t wait to try out their new Aquasource Everplump formula! I also decided to get their Blue Therapy Accelerated serum, after trying out a sample of it and absolutely falling in love with the consistency. And the smell, wow! I hope they have/develop a perfume of that smell, I’d get it instantly! Biotherm being my favorite brand, I also got a little kit for trying out their Skin Best-series. The kit contains: Skin Best Day Cream, Skin Best Wonder Mud face mask, Skin Best Serum-in-Cream and Skin Best Liquid Glow facial oil. This will be super interesting and I’m looking forward to trying out all the products! *unintentionally sounding like a super excited brand ambassador reviewing a new line*

Then I also got some simple, but pretty pieces for summer. T-shirts are such a great wardrobe staple, possible to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Lemons are especially the fruit of the season, and although yellow has never really been my favorite color, I thought I’d try something new this season.

What is summer vacation without a nice book to get consumed by? This is a book I’ve been having on my mind for quite some time, but due to studies and work I haven’t exactly had time to do any reading purely for pleasure. But now that summer is coming up with lazy days in the sun, there’ll be nothing better than losing myself in stories of my own choice. Wondering what the book is about? Description can be found on the website, just click the link below the picture!

And last but not least… the bag! Oh my how I’ve been waiting for this one! With all the exploring I’ll be up to in the nearest future, I really found myself lacking a nice big bag to throw everything into when traveling. Especially during long term flights, you need to have all of your necesities with you, and what better way to do it than in a stylish bag? I just love the design of this one, it’s classic but not boring, it will go with any outfit and never go out of style. Definitely an investment I’ll be happy I made!

If you like what you see make sure to check them (and many many more things) out on the companies’ websites, just follow the links below each photo!


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