The process so far…

…regarding the exchange has been pretty good! I have received confirmation of my acceptance to study at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). I have also officially registered to the courses that I want to take. This is what they ended up being and what my schedule for next semester will look like:

Class schedule.PNG

Also, I have now applied to university provided housing. Hopefully I’ll get accepted and be able to live on campus – keep your fingers crossed for me! I applied for housing in one of their two “areas”, called the UVA. Here are the room options that they have:

Floor plan.PNG

Unfortunately many of them were fully booked already, but hopefully they’ll find something for me! Otherwise I’ll have to organize the housing situation myself, which is what I planned to do it the first place, so the university housing option is really just a bonus.


Either way, International Business Week is starting next week and I’m so excited!!! Looking at the schedule and all the fun and inspiring activities that we have planned, it sure will be amazing. Let’s just hope the weather will be on our side as well hahah! So expect some more updates about that!


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