Who am I?

Now that is a very good question!

For those of you who don’t know me (or know very little) here comes a brief introduction:


My name is Ruta Mozuraityte and I’m 20 years old. I was born and raised in beautiful Vilnius, Lithuania.


Beautiful Stockholm

When I was about to start school, my family and I moved to Stockholm and I’ve been living in this incredible city ever since. Thereby I’m fluent in 3 languages (Lithuanian, Swedish and English) and also have some knowledge of Spanish and French.


Stockholm University (Source)

I’m currently in my 4th semester of Global Management – English at Stockholm Business School (SBS), Stockholm University. Within academics, I’m mostly interested in marketing, design, management, branding and visual communication. Tourism and hotel management is also a part of that list. I’m also a member of the International Committee wihtin Föreningen Ekonomerna, where I’ve been part of several projects. Currently I’m a project manager for International Business Week 2017 (check out this link for more info). I’m also currently working as a legal assistant at Samsung Electronics Nordic AB headquarters.


Otherwise I’m a passionate about coffee and dining. One of the things that give me greatest pleasure in life is traveling – exploring new places and immersing myself in new cultures are what I like to spend my money on. Talking about money, a part of it definitely goes to another interest of mine – the world of fashion. I could go on and on about these interests, but I won’t bore you too much with it now.

I think that’s about it – me in a nutshell! Other nuances will show through here on the blog, for sure. So stick around and see what else there is to discover 😉

See you soon! xx


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