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A super exciting time is waiting for me after summer break. I’ll be spending the fall semester in sunny California! It all really feels like a dream; I still have a difficulty realizing that it will actually happen…

One month ago I was accepted to California State University – San Marcos. I’ll be going as an exchange student from Stockholm Business School, representing SBS and getting a true international experience at the same time. I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’m sure that whatever my life will look like during that time, it will be absolutely amazing!

The upcoming exchange semester is one of the reasons I chose to start this blog. When going through the process of looking through all of the schools and deciding where I wanted to spend my 5th semester, I was surprised that there was no one writing about their experience of the whole process (both before, during and after their exchange). Therefore I’m hoping that this blog and its content will give some clarity and inspiration to other students thinking of going on an exchange in the future.

This blog will however not only be about my exchange. It will also include other aspects of my life, such as other travel experiences, everyday life, my interests and other fun things.

I hope you choose to follow me on my incredible journey and that it will be of use (and fun!) to you.

See you soon! xx

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